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Grandma’s Perogies - Authentic Frozen Pelmeni & Vareniki

Grandma’s Perogies

Grandma’s Perogies brings the authentic taste of home-cooked Ukranian, Polish, and Russian cuisine right to your kitchen. Soft, chewy dough encases flavorful meats, cheeses, and seasonings that can satisfy the appetite of a weary laborer and please picky children, too! These are the best perogies money can buy—fresh or frozen!

Choose your filling, or try both pelmeni and vareniki! Specializing in hearty potato and onion perogies as well as succulent veal pelmeni (“dough-ears,” from Eastern Russia), Grandma’s Perogies brand will suit vegetarians and carnivores alike. Plus, they come frozen so they keep well until you’re ready to eat them! Serve with butter and sour cream to enjoy these perogies the way your grandma would.


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