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Babkini Sunflower seeds

Babkini Sunflower seeds - Бабкины Семечки

It wasn’t long ago that the best sunflower seeds in Russia could only be bought from retired old ladies who roasted them with care in their homes. Sold on crowded street corners in paper bags or folded up newspapers, these piping hot, freshly roasted sunflower seeds could bring warmth and nourishment like nothing else. Today, you can enjoy the authentic taste of Babkini Sunflower Seeds anywhere in North America brought to you by H2U. 

What makes sunflower seeds so wonderful? Well, aside from their strong nutty flavor, roasted sunflower seeds are prized as a source of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin E. This makes Babkini Sunflower Seeds the kind of snack you can enjoy for taste as well as numerous health benefits. 

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